Name Douglas De Rizzo Meneghetti
Label PhD in Artificial Intelligence, ML Specialist
Summary Machine learning specialist with considerable experience in backend software development. Finished my PhD in Artificial Intelligence with a full scholarship by CAPES, in which I tackled the problem of multi-agent deep reinforcement learning with heterogeneous agents in cooperative tasks using graph neural networks. Active for many years in robotics competitions (LARC and RoboCup) in the @Home and Humanoid Soccer categories, in which I focused in developing object detection systems for the robots. Done research and professional work as a consultant in educational assessment, more specifically, computerized adaptive tests. As a software developer, I have worked full-stack with Java Enterprise applications, PostgreSQL and Linux stacks. More recently, I've been authoring and documenting open source Python packages dedicated to machine learning research. All the interesting projects I am working on are held in my GitHub page. For a list of my academic achievements, visit my ResearchGate or Google Scholar profiles. If you are from Brazil, you can also check out my Lattes. Everything is linked below.


  • 2023.06 - Present
    AI Research Specialist
    Samsung Brasil
  • 2021.07 - 2023.03
    Machine Learning Specialist
    Adroit Robotics
    - Implemented a Faster R-CNN object detection system to find tree seedlings, dead trees and large replants in citrus orchards, as well as a counting algorithm for unproductive tree slots. - Trained image classifiers (ResNet-50, Vision Transformer) to detect different levels of lens flare in outdoors photos. - Optimized PyTorch-based machine learning pipelines for fast execution in the cloud (using prefetching in the GPU, threaded downloads, multiprocessing). - Adapted machine learning codebases and migrated Docker images to be executed in AWS Batch.
  • 2017.03 - 2021.05
    Scholarship Holder
    The University Center of FEI
    - Created an object detection system in TensorFlow + ROS used by a Latin American award winning domestic robot. - Created deep neural networks for multi-agent reinforcement learning system in PyTorch. - Maintainer of an open source academic formatting software adopted institution-wide.. - Organizer of AI graduate students study group.
  • 2016.04 - 2016.12
    Software Development Consultant
    Secretaria Municipal de Educação de São Paulo
    Sole developer of a full-stack Java EE mobile web application for large scale educational assessment (Provinha Brasil) of elementary grade students.
  • 2014.04 - 2014.12
    The University Center of FEI
    - Functional and usability tester for an electronic health record system. - Responsible for database and server maintenance as well as software documentation. - Project was a partnership between FEI University Center, Volans and Hospital Heliópolis, with funding provided by FINEP.
  • 2012.01 - 2012.07
    Software Developer
    Cloud Ideas
    Responsible for the development in all layers of the MVC pattern and for the object-relational mapping and database modelling using Entity Framework Code First.
  • 2011.06 - 2012.01
    Software Developer
    Enygma Tecnologia
    Collaborated in developing a system to send electronic receipts for the federal government using ASP.NET Web Forms, the FlexDocs library, SQL Server 2008 and DevExpress web components.


  • 2017.03 - 2021.08
    Doctor of Science
    The University Center of FEI
    Artificial Intelligence
  • 2013.09 - 2015.08
    Master of Science - MS
    The University Center of FEI
    Artificial Intelligence
    • Computational Intelligence
    • Computer Algorithms
    • Human-Computer Interaction in Adaptive Interfaces
    • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    • Introduction to Scientific Research
    • Computer Vision
  • 2010.02 - 2012.12
    Bachelor of Technology - BTech
    Faculdade Engenheiro Salvador Arena
    Computer Systems Analysis
  • 2008.12 - 2009.12
    Etec Lauro Gomes
  • 2007.12 - 2009.12
    Etec Júlio de Mesquita
  • 2007.12 - 2010.12
    Wizard by Pearson
    • Basic english
    • Intermediate english
    • Advanced english



A Complete Reinforcement Learning System (Capstone)
University of Alberta & Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute on Coursera
Prediction and Control with Function Approximation
University of Alberta & Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute on Coursera
Reinforcement Learning Specialization
University of Alberta & Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute on Coursera
Sample-based Learning Methods
University of Alberta & Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute
Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning
University of Alberta & Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute
Machine Learning


Full Professional
Native Speaker