Douglas' personal page

Hello internet, my name is Douglas De Rizzo Meneghetti. I'm a Ph. D. student in Artificial Intelligence. I'm also a computer programmer/software developer.

In my research career, I've worked with robots and computerized adaptive tests. In my professional career, I've worked with back-end web development and database and server maintenance.

All the interesting projects I am working on are held in my GitLab page. For a mix of my academic and professional experience, please go to my Linkedin profile. I put a lot of effort into keeping it updated. For a list of my (not so impressive) academic achievements, visit my ResearchGate or Google Scholar profiles. If you are from Brazil, you can also check out my Lattes.

Main projects

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Projects I contribute(d) to:

Popularization of science

I am also a popularizer of science by accident. Whenever I can, I help organize events like the Brazilian Olympiads of Robotics and the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

More info

If you have any doubts, contact me at douglasrizzom [at] gmail {dot} com.